About Mindey ΞΤ

Special services and products.

Mindey is a single-person public-benefit organization, called "Mindey" (https://mindey.com) -- we publish, build and create results, like software and hardware to accelerate the humanity's progress towards achieving maximally positive technological singularity.

One of the major ways that we are trying to achieve our mission, is through initiating and contributing to the multi-stakeholder projects like Zero to Infinity (https://0oo.li), which Mindey hosts and develops in cooperation with WeFindX Foundation.

Mindey is incorporated as "individual activity" (sole-trader-like entity) in Lithuania, with NACE Rev. 2 activity codes of:

NACE2 631100* Data processing, hosting and related activities
NACE2 630000* Information service activities
This is a web shop from mindey.com, that works as my order processing endpoint. 

The products listed here, are available upon request. Please, feel free to explore .

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